1. What are the channels to access uangku service?
Uangku can be used from all Smartfren handphone by:
- UTK menu for RUIM 64 kb user.
- From mobile webiste using WAP browser .
- Blackberry, Android, Java or BREW application. Download from http://uangku.smartfren.com. Application can also be downloaded from android market or blackberry app world (depends on phone type) with keyword 'smartfren uangku'.

2. If uangku is already active in my handphone then I use another handphone with the same Smartfren number, do I need to activate uangku again in that phone?
No you don't. Uangku service is already active and you don't need to activate it again.

3. I already download uangku in Blackberry / Android / Java but why can't I access it?
You have to make sure:
1) You download it via WAP browser / Android market / Blackberry app world.
2) Check uangku download link http://uangku.smartfren.com.
3) Using Smartfren number (Smart/Mobile8).
4) Your Smartfren data service is active / airtime is sufficient for Smartfren data service.

4. What is uangku PIN?
uangku PIN is a PIN used for some transactions in uangku such as shareload and uangku application settings.

5. What is the difference between uangku and Smart Dompet?
Uangku is a mobile commerce application that have some service such as airtime transfer, mobile banking and e-load airtime reseller. While Smart Dompet a mobile banking which is a part of uangku that can do financial transactions from Bank Sinarmas.

6. Who can use uangku Smart Dompet?
All Smartfren subscribers ( Smart, lokalplus, hepi, fren, smartfren) and already open an account and ATM in Bank Sinarmas.

7. Does uangku Smart Dompet service charged with some fee?
Uangku Smart Dompet does not charged fee for transaction.

8. How do I prelink my Smartfren number with my Bank Sinarmas account?
1) Customer come to Galeri Smartfren and fill after sales form by giving some information such as Smartfren MDN, 16 digit number on Bank Sinarmas ATM Card.
2) Or Fill a form in Bank SInarmas to activate uangku Smart Dompet service .
3) For Sinarmas Group Employee, can apply request to each HRD.

9. Do I have to give my ATM PIN / Channel PIN when I request a pre-link?
No, don't give your Bank Channel PIN / ATM PIN to anyone.

10. When I do mobile banking transaction, I was asked to enter PIN. Which PIN that I use?
For Bank Sinarmas mobile banking (Smart Dompet) using Channel PIN. While for MBPRKS using ATM PIN.

11. What is the use of Smart Dompet service in Smart Dompet merchants?
Uangku Smart Dompet service can be used in merchants with SMART DOMPET logo and the payment can be done with 'money transfer'. Enter merchant's Smartfren number and the nominal value.

12. What is Channel PIN?
PIN that was used for uangku Smart Dompet to do Bank Sinarmas banking transaction (money transfer, check balance, airtime top up, bill payment and check last 3 transactions). Channel PIN can be made on Bank Sinarmas ATM.

13. What is the difference between uangku PIN and uangku Password?
Uangku PIN is used for transaction in uangku application while password is an authentication used to enter uangku application for Blackberry, Android, Java & WAP.

14. What is the difference between uangku PIN and Bank Channel PIN?
Uangku PIN is a PIN used for shareload process, but Channel PIN used for Smart Dompet banking transaction.

15. For Smartfren subscribers that already activate Smart Dompet and then inject their phone number to Blackberry, can they use uangku Smart Dompet (after register) without activating uangku and mobile banking?
They have to activate uangku and mobile banking in their blackberry. Then Smartfren phone number and Bank Sinarmas ATM card should be pre-linked by bank Sinarmas or Smartfren.

16. I already install uangku application, and have uangku & mobile banking application activated. Then I uninstall the application and reinstall it again, do I have to reactivate uangku and mobile banking service?
You can use uangku without registration and activation again if you are still using the same Smartfren number.

17. Why do I always failed to activate mobile banking?
1) Check if you have ever request a pre-link? Your Smartfren number should have been pre-linked with you ATM card number before you use mobile banking service in uangku.
2) Check if your ATM card has been blocked? If it's blocked then contact Bank Sinarmas to unblock.
3) If it still doesn't work, please inform to Galeri Smartfren your Smartfren number and ATM card number. Galeri Smartfren will check it in 1x24 hours after the customer call Customer Care (881/888) or Bank Sinarmas: (021) 500153.

18. What should I do when I forgot my Bank Channel PIN?
You have to go to the nearest Bank Sinarmas ATM.

19. What should I do when I forgot my uangku PIN?
You can reset uangku PIN in Settings>Reset uangku PIN by filling mother's birthday (DDMMYYYY).

20. What should I do if I forgot my uangku password?
Choose forgot password and fill the secret answer.

21. What is the difference between uangku smart dompet and other mobile banking
1) Destination number is a Smartfren MDN, you don't need to ask the bank account number .
2) No fee charged for money transfer, check balance and top up.

22. If I already close my Bank Sinarmas account, can I still open uangku?
Bank Sinarmas mobile banking (Smart Dompet) service can not be used with closed bank account. But for shareload feature still can be used.

23. Can I use 1 Smart Dompet / MBPRKS account from 2 different Smartfren number?
No, you can't. 1 bank account can only be used with 1 Smartfren number.

24. I changed my Smartfren number with other Smartfren number, how can I use Smart Dompet with my Sinarmas Bank account from my new Smartfren number?
You can contact Bank Sinarmas on (021) 500153 or call Smartfren customer care on 888.

25. I'm a Smart subscriber, can I top up a Fren number?
Yes you can top up fren number with Smart Dompet and it applied otherwise.

26. I'm a Fren subscriber, can I transfer money to Smart subscriber?
Yes you can. In uangku menu choose Mobile Banking > Bank Sinarmas (Smart Dompet) > Money transfer.

27. I'm a smart e-load retailer, can I sell fren airtime?
Yes you can.

28. What are the steps that need to do to access uangku for the first time to do e-load reseller transaction?
1) If you are already be a Smartfren e-load reseller before, you can directly use it (after re-linking procecss) .
2) If you donít have airtime reseller login, you have to register to our airtime reseller channel .
3) In uangku menu there is E-load Retailer menu. E-load retailers can do consumer top up, check balance, airtime stock transfer, and PIN change from this menu.

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